Ultimate Guide On How to Improve Alexa Ranking

What Is Alexa Rankings ?

Alexa is a famous venture of Amazon Corporation, which is used to improve ranking of website across the world online. Based on the traffic and recorded by computers, Alexa toolbar is installed on the browser. It is obvious that you might be aware of this thing, if you are a web developer. But, the more considerable thing is, how Alexa actually tests websites ranking and how you should apply some strategies to improve ranking of your site as fast as possible and in an effective manner.

Since the day I started writing blog, I have been checking the performance of my website means Alexa ranking. It is a significant aspect and needs to be considered while designing sites. It is a genuine source, which is available over the web for determining your website ranking on your own. Generally, this technology is used by advertisers to check or decide the quality score of any site. Therefore, it impacts your reputation and visible identity.


How Does Alexa Rank Websites?

The main question arises in mind, which remains unanswered is that “How Alexa works effectively to determine the website’s ranking?” The fact is, more than 1 millions websites are created and posted over the web on daily basis. So, how Alexa knows about all the websites that are posted every day?

The whole game of ranking is played through ‘Alexa Toolbar’. Suppose, you have installed Alexa Toolbar on your browser, then each website or domain that you visit is automatically recorded on it. At the end of day, the recorded data from all over the web is accumulated and sorted in an increasing order to identify the ranking of websites that are visited by users.

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Tips For Improving Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog:

  •  Make sure that you are posting high quality content on a regular basis over the site, because it is an important aspect of a website, which is capable of holding visitors and turn them into potential customers. Alexa algorithm also counts the frequency as well as quality of each content, which you have added on the site in order to improve ranking.
  • Ask your colleagues or friends to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser and inspire them to rate your own website. And, you should also install it on your system to improve the Alexa stats each time about your visited website.
  • You need to add Alexa Rank Widget on website or blog your own, it also helps in ranking enhancement from this link.
  • Promote your site as much as possible on mostly social networking websites such as Google+, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, etc. The social media websites cover alone 56% of the users who browse the internet.

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After getting all the above-mentioned information, you might get a blurred idea or few tips to improve the ranking over most search engines. You need to main focus in the direction of Alexa Toolbar approach and target those users who are having it installed in their browsers. Just examine, which category of people are mainly come under this category. Usually, web developers, internet marketers, bloggers, SEO analysts, e-commerce business owners, etc., are counted in such category who have Alexa Toolbar installed on their systems to let them analyze their online performance.

Conclusion:  I hope, you will learn something useful from this post and implement to improve Alexa Ranking of your blog. For any doubt or query, you are free to leave your comments in the below comment box. If possible Please do share it on social media too.

26 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide On How to Improve Alexa Ranking”

  1. Hi Deepak,
    I think its very important for any blogger to improve its Alexa rank.
    And these points of your’s are very informative and helpful to improve the alexa rank.

  2. hey nice post’s u’hv … i just wanted to know y is my alexa rank going bad and my india rank increasing … i need serious help coz m really very confused … i’hv the meta tags and the images r also proper … and i update my website regularly …. i get around 200-250 visits per day …!!!

    my website :- fashion.dontgetserious.com

    please have a look @ it n tell me whats the matter …. thanking u …

    • Hey Rohan,
      Your Alexa rank in India is increasing because all of your traffic is from India. For increasing overall Alexa rank you need to get traffic from other countries too especially USA,UK and Canada.

      Please remember Alexa Algorithm works on the basis of number of visitors who have installed alexa toolbar on their browser, so I would suggest you to install Alexa widget on your website and be more active on social media especially Google+ And Facebook..

  3. Brother Nice post for building great seo website. Now a days alexa is not more for free use. We have to pay them to submit our website.

    Is there any other option to submit our website for free on alexa ?

  4. Excellent article, thanks for sharing these are good ideas regarding Alexa Ranking. You have written some good points here about Alexa ranking which is very important for a website. For increasing Alexa ranking you can be full time blogger, do guest posting and share your articles in social bookmarking sites and social media sites so if you follow these basic rules, this will get better results.

  5. Our website readnsurf.com (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site (readnsurf.com) comes from Google search ! what to do next to reach less 100k ?

  6. The social media websites cover alone 56% of the users who browse the internet. This figure is absolutely great to take care off in reducing chances of not getting enough site traffic. Great share Garry.

  7. Great post about Alexa how nicely you share some excellent points through which everyone can easily reduce the Alexa rank of their websites or blog. Create Backlinks to reduce Alexa Rank… Thanks for nice sharing.

  8. Thanks for the tips, I will sum it with simply increasing your traffic and if you can attract other webmasters and bloggers to your site it will have a huge effect on your alexa ranking

  9. I read many sites for the same issue and also implemented almost as much I can but still my site is losing alexa rank in India. However global rank in improving. Please suggest me what to do now. my site is newsnation.in Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  10. Add alexa rank icon your website and then share relevant and informative posts on popular social networking sites, including relevant groups and communities so that readers visit on your website. As more people start visiting on your website (alexa rank icon installed) your alexa rank will start decreasing.

  11. Thanks for this Information, I guess alexa works when you have premium account else alexa don’t fetch your exact websites and rankings

    If you have alexa rank 100000 get a premium you will get Increase in rankings
    alexa has nothing with your backlinks alexa gets percent Information from google which is allowed so alexa is again a big Industry trap a myth spreaded by advertisers as they get more advertisers by showing ranks

    proof is many good alexa rank websites can’t come on page 1 , SERPS
    hope you know better thanks

  12. Deepak,

    I haven’t bothered about Alea ranking so far. Still, I understand its significance. Thanks for your ideas improving Alexa ranking.


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