Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google AdSense

There are several ways of monetizing a website. But Google AdSense and affiliate marketing enjoy the most popular status. Lets pick the better option.

Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

What Is Google Adsense ?

Google AdSense is the biggest online advertisement program. You basically lease out ad spaces on your site to Google and Google further allocates them to the advertisers in its network. It follows a PPC model, a publisher gets paid each time its visitor clicks on an advertisement and lands on the advertiser’s page.

What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a way of monetizing a site. You, as a publisher, promote someone else’s products and services and refer your audience to their sites. You get a commission each time a visitor that you directed makes a purchase.

Without Wasting time lets compare Google Adsense with Affiliate Marketing  on some critical parameters.

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1.Control- Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

 As a site owner, you may want to control which products gets featured at your pages. You may also want to decide which products reach your audiences through your site. If you use Google AdSense, you lose complete control over these things.

Imagine that you owe a niche site that discusses WordPress and you have Google AdSense setup at it. Now lets assume that you aren’t really a big fan of some X WordPress plugin that Google is advertising using your ad space. You can’t do anything about it. Not even complain. Once you sign up for a Google AdSense account, you actually authorize Google to manage it. Google will pick ads to place in your ad spaces. There is no way of controlling what products/brands Google chooses to promote using them.

Also, you need Google’s approval for setting up an AdSense account. You have to meet some eligibility criteria for getting this approval.

And the most critical information, your AdSense account remains Google’s property. Google may shut it down anytime, without any prior intimation. Carefully consider this possibility if your revenue model is going to be just this program.

On the other hand Affiliate marketing lets you promote and push your audience for buying products that you truly believe in. So, if you use a plugin Y and think that your readers too should try it, you can market it at your site. If your readers trust you then they won’t mind buying on your recommendation. And when they do so, you get a cut.

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2.Ugly Ads- Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

You can’t tell Google to customize an ad banner for your site. But an affiliate would happily oblige. You can ask your affiliates for customized marketing collateral. You don’t have to worry about ads disturbing your site’s look.

3. Quick Money- Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

It’s true that many people have managed to secure a steady income with Google AdSense but this is not possible with every site. You have to be very patient with this program, it does not make you rich quickly. In fact, you won’t really see many returns for a really long time. The money that you can make with Google AdSense depends upon the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for a click from your site. Bidding ensures that you get the best pay for your ad space. But there are many factors that contribute to this.

The popularity of your site within your niche, the traffic that you get and the social engagement that you enjoy determine your bid rate and your worth in a PPC model. Making money with Google AdSense tries your patience. Period.

However, with affiliate marketing, you can start pocketing money from the first sale. Lets say, that you sign-up as an affiliate for a product worth $100. And the affiliate commission is 30%. You pocket $30 with your first sale and with every such sale. You may never know how long it could take AdSense to show this kind of money. (At least initially)

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4. Recurring Commission– Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate programs offer recurring commissions too along with the regular schemes. You earn a recurring income till a customer that you referred continues with the seller. Google AdSense has no such mechanism.

Conclusion:  Creating a niche site with a loyal readership is very demanding. But you can build relationships and trust with your audience if you consistently provide value. Once your readers know you as a source that they can trust, they’ll welcome and seriously consider any recommendations that you make.

Affiliate marketing is a complete win-win situation. Your readers get help in picking the right product. You earn money for reaching great products to them. Promoting the right products also earns you credibility.

Many new entrants in the blogosphere are picking affiliate marketing as their revenue model. You must try affiliate marketing too. If you have a niche site and would like to begin with affiliate marketing or if you want to look for popular affiliate programs in your niche, you can head over to Sharesale.com. You can dig into several profitable markets/products to affiliate with. If you find this article useful then please do share it with your friends on social media websites especially Facebook,Twitter and Google+.

63 thoughts on “Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google AdSense”

  1. Affiliate marketing should be the winner because it gives the individual better leverage to manage or control adverts. It should be chosen over Google Adsense.

    The comparisons shared in this post are on track. However, to make the most of affiliate marketing, the niche site should come with valuable contents and should be promoted accurately.

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

    • Hey Sunday! I’m glad that you found the article useful.

      And you are right about offering value through content. This is the cornerstone of any niche site that wants to monetize AdSense.

      People will only trust if your site is useful to them.

  2. Hi Disha,
    Interesting topic to write about. Affiliate Marketing is really better than Google Adsense, You are free to promote the products of your choice in affiliate which eventually helps to get more sale which means more money.

    • That’s right Kuldeep. With affiliate marketing, you can choose which products to promote. But I think its best that you endorse only those products that you have used and have found helpful.

  3. I loved both the programs equally and now I have a little more positive leaning towards affiliate marketing, All the points were awesome when compared.

    Affiliate marketing and Adsense have one thing in common, both doesn’t suit everyone. For some one turns out to be better than other.

    The potentials are definitely have, but at the same time one needs to do little extra to get a sale out of the affiliated products while on Adsense, all you get paid is via click and not sales.

    The best option to use both on a website.

    Anyway, I found this on Kingged.

  4. Thank you very much Disha. I have an ad-sens account from which i earn very low amount of money from a reasonable traffic. Now i am thinking of moving to affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Saidufeni! If you have reasonable a traffic and low AdSense income, switching to Affiliate Marketing is the smartest move to make. You’ll surely monetize better.

  5. Hi Disha,


    Affiliating marketing is easy way to earn money as well as audience too. Affiliating marketing is easy approval process as compared to Google adsense.

    The points you shared in this article are really catchy and easily distinguishes both processes i.e. Affiliating marketing and Google adsense.

    Google adsense having more restrictions to approve your account as well as time consuming while affiliating marketing give you independence to display desired ads to your website.

    At last, your article explore really informative points about Google adsense and Affiliating marketing.

    • Glad you found it informative Gangadhar. Its true that affiliate marketing gives you absolute control. Google AdSense on the other hand has lots of restrictions.

  6. Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are two different making money online strategy uses by many marketers over the internet. Many uses both to leverage their income every month, of course with their effort, passion and eagerness to be successful, which made it possible.

    These two have yin and yang sides.

    Like for Google AdSense’s positive side, you can set it and leave it. With Google AdSense, you can create a content page, and there is little need to update the content.

    While the Negative site is, sites are dependent on search engines. Most Google AdSense sites make the mistake of depending on search engines for the majority of their traffic. If the SE algorithms change, then your income might drop significantly.

    Well, to wrap it up, using them both is the best.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Hey Metz, you shared a really interesting perspective.

      AdSense income is definitely subjective to Google’s algorithms. But so is affiliate marketing. As essentially traffic drives sales in both the cases.

  7. The article related to Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing always attracts people’s attention and same happened with me. But after reading this valuable article i knew that reading worth.

    Hii DISHA, you described a very nice and comparison post about – Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google AdSense. I found the information useful which you point out for both programms. The first section “Control- Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing”is very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. I found this article on kingged.com and become attracted to read full post. I really loved this post 🙂

  8. Interesting point, Disha.

    I agree, it is a better way to make money online,
    however affiliate marketing, like Adsense, is easy to set up (just use MBP Ninja affiliate plugin, for example), but much more difficult to make money from.

    You have to build a steady organic traffic to begin earning from your affiliate links, or, much better, become an authority in your niche.

    Of course in the long term, I should go with affiliate marketing, and not Adsense.

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk, Deepak.

    • That’s right Erik. Affiliate Marketing is more promising in the long run. The combination of both these techniques should do well too.

  9. Well explained article. It’s right that we have a total control on affiliates and affiliate marketing is much better then Google Adsense and other advertising programs but the thing is you must know to sell your affiliates through your site. I saw many webmasters and bloggers failed to sell online and now they’re using Adsense. I’m also using affiliates and earning much more than any other advertising program.

    Thanks for Sharing



    • Affiliate marketing definitely doesn’t guarantee success but is worth trying. But you have a point Guarav, you have to know how to sell to leverage your audience better.

  10. This post is quite interesting and informative. It’s very difficult to say which is better among adsense and affiliate marketing without critical comparison of this sort. The major setback of adsense is the lack of control over the ads served. The only power the webmasters have over this is content optimisation.

    Couple to the fact that only few bucks is made from action associated with adsense, most often the click by the readers. It therefore requires lots of traffic and optimisation to make reasonable income from adsense. It’s though the easiest monetisation model to start with.

    With affiliate products, more control over what to promote and the return per action is a bit higher. As for me I prefer the Latter.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Hi Disha,
    This is a good comparison of adsense and affiliate marketing. in fact, it’s not even a comparison, it is a hands down show of how much better Affiliate programs are better than adsense and I enjoyed reading it.
    However, Affiliate program may still not be that easy to earn from as well as Adsense. Both require you to be strong and ready to put in some work to see results. Quality posts concerning the Affiliate product and ability to convince the potential buyer as well. All the same it works well.
    I’ve just ventured into Affiliate program on Clickbank.com and I’m still learning the ropes. It looks promising.
    Have a great day.
    Meanwhile, I found this post shared on Kingged.com, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Hey Uju, now that you say it loud…it does look like a hands down show. 😀
      I wish you all the luck with affiliate marketing.

  12. Great guest post. I been doing both adsense and affiliate marketing. But for my niche site adsense is the winner. I have made money using affiliate marketing but often times the products are removed or no longer available. Sometimes the company itself goes under or no longer is business.

    It’s important to consistently moniter your links when doing affiliate marketing. Not so with adsense if done correctly your ads will always be targeted and relevant.

    It is still important to never put all your eggs in one basket. Google is always changing and they might someday (heaven forbid) retire adsense!

    • Hey Paul, thanks so much for sharing these tips. Absolutely necessary for consistent performance. And I completely overlooked the “products going dead” point.

  13. Hey Disha,

    That’s a great guest post here.

    In this wars, affiliate marketing wons. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money but Google Adsense is also Good for newbies.

    There are some niches where Google Adsense pays less and we can make huge money from affiliate marketing and Vice Versa.
    For Event based Blogs, Adsense is best. While for Authority blogs, Affiliate marketing suits the most.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

    Well, i found this post on http://www.kingged.com and commented on it!

    • Hey Swaraj, I’m glad that you liked the post. My biggest issue with AdSense is that, unless you have a really huge site, with many bidders eyeing for the ad slots, you really don’t have much hope.

      Affiliate marketing is for everyone.

  14. Hi Disha,

    This is a very interesting post and I think that it is good to read other people’s views on matters such as these. I do think using adsense gives you less control on your site’s ads, and adsense can take time to generate income. I think using both can be helpful, but also learn to more creative in generating income.Thanks for sharing your view, I enjoyed it.


    • Hey Lawrence, I’m glad that you found the post helpful. Knowing other people’s take and experiences helps us in shaping our decisions too.

  15. Hello Disha !!

    That is nice and convincing comparison, I would agree with you on the reoccurring factor of earning with an affiliate, that is one great feature of affiliating that beats all…

    But on the other way round, I would also agree that Adsense beats affiliate in a sense that you make your money whether sales or no sales so far as you get your valid clicks, that speaks for itself, with it you don’t really have to worry whether you would make a sale or not !!

    Anyway nice to read this, thanks for the share and guest post !!!

    DOK Simon

  16. Hi Disha, I also believe that affiliate programme is the best choice to earn lump sum money. But it will be possible only if the amount of traffic of your blog is good and for the newbie blogger ,I would suggest them to go for Google Adsence . But thanks a lots sharing such a good post. I would appreciate your effort.

    • Hey Swapnadip, traffic is indeed critical for success. Be it AdSense or affiliate marketing.
      But even if you have limited but targeted traffic, there still are chances of success with both these schemes.

  17. Well, after all Google Adsense is actually some sort of affiliate marketing .Even so, however, one the major thing that I don’t like with Google Adsense that it is not attractive as does affiliate marketing does. Plus the fact that affiliate marketing pays you much higher commission than Google Adsense.
    True that affiliate is the best method out there but remember also that affiliate marketing is kinda Win-win Game after all.. Anyway thanks for the nuggets ..Great article.

  18. Good Information shared, i was recently thinking to earn online by making my own site . Before that i fortunately i read this article, its very helpful for me .


    Have a nice Day

  19. Hi, Thanks for this great comparison. However i have made a combination of both adsense and affiliate marketing in my blog and some good result. All you have to use it wisely and effectively.

  20. After reading this article i can say definitely a good read on comparison of adsense and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is best but only pay per sale so you have to use both (adsense and affiliate marketing) for best results with your traffic, which is yours strategy also and am happy with that. I bookmarked your blog and waiting for more 🙂

  21. Thanks Disha for the guidance.I am blogging since 1 year. I used affiliate marketing to monetize my blog. But I am not getting proper response. If possible kindly suggest some words for my blog myhub.co.in
    Waiting for a response.

  22. Webmasters choose Google adsense only because they can see results fast, even if its only few dollars per month, but it is always related to the amount and quality of traffic you get. Affiliate sales much much better than any other PPC

  23. Nice article Disha , But it is also very much true that we cant earn daily from affiliate marketing , at same time we can earn from adsense rather it be a penny or $$ But we do earn . My website is about android and readers wont buy new device from my affiliate link , because they land on the page where topic about their device is written ..

  24. Hi Disha,

    This is true, affiliate marketing is a best source for online earning, these day my focus on affiliate marking. I am new into affiliate marking and by help of this post I learn some great stuff related to affiliate.. thanks so much for this article .


  25. Also one more problem with AdSense is many people install Ad Blockers right now, which will block AdSense or any contextual ads. While affiliate links cannot be blocked by those Ad Blockers.

  26. Personally Amazon is one of my favorite platforms for affiliating. There are a lot of different products. If a newbie don’t know how to start affiliate marketing I recommend him to join Amazon Affiliate Club. It is some kind of community that gives step-by-step instructions and all necessary tools to start building profitable Amazon affilaite stores.

  27. I’m working with AliExpress affiliate program successfuly. It pays up to 50% commission and AliExpress has over 100 million products listed on its platform! I use AliPlugin, it builds webstores in just minutes even if you have no experience at all! If you are a newbie I suggest you to check the guide from Alipartnership. It helped me a lot

  28. You are absolutely right. It is not easy to get Adsense. I have applied for many times to get Adsense in my another blog for last two years but I didn’t get yet. I don’t know why they reject my request. I want to do affiliate marketing. But I am afraid, because I have no knowledge about Affiliate marketing. Thanks for your inspirational article.

  29. Disha thanks for writing such a useful article. So many people were confuse which method is better to choose and follow. I agree with Affiliates Marketing is better option with more benefits. But sometimes we need to go for Adsense.

  30. Hi Disha,
    Interesting topic to write about. Affiliate Marketing is really better than Google Adsense, You are free to promote the products of your choice in affiliate which eventually helps to get more sale which means more money. affiliate marketing is totally based upon the commission . and i am still doinfg affliate marketing ansd i am pretty much impressed with this .

  31. Disha thanks for writing such a useful article. So many people were confuse which method is better to choose and follow. I agree with Affiliates Marketing is better option with more benefits. But sometimes we need to go for Adsense.

  32. I am using Adsense in one of my blogs and get traffic approx 50K/month. It’s really pathetic to get revenue of just ~125 $. now I think I have to go for affiliate marketing as well.

    Can you recommend some top affiliate program for Education industry?

  33. Hey Disha! very informative stuff but one thing could you tell me Suppose I already have a website or blog with decent traffic. How can I use affiliate marketing to monetize my site?

    I am little bit confused I want to know about that also could anyone help me out ….

  34. Oh! What a great piece of information, thank you so much Disha you have literally explained each and everything making it absolutely clear. The article is written in a manner that it seems as if it is written to make things clear and not just be read. Thank you for such an informational article, looking forward to reading more of your work.

  35. Advantages of Affiliate Marketing over Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing ensures better earnings than any other sources of online income. You do have control over choosing your niche product to promote so that you will be more comfortable in marketing it.

  36. I am earning a decent income from Google Adsense and now to increase the revenue, Now I am also adding the Affiliate products from a similar Niche.

    I was in the dilemma whether it will be benefited for me or not. After reading your post, I have made some concrete decision. and I can say this is something I am searching over the internet.

    Moreover, I am bookmarking your blog for future reference, I hope I will get more insights as well.


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